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Our Strategy

Our core UK meat business has been built on strong principals. So regardless of who, what, where and why, at ABP UK all our people and all our food processes live up to our four strategic values - FirstUp, BestInClass, DoingMoreWithLess and OneVision.



Growing our business by investing in people.

FirstUp is the driving force behind our success. We work hard to make sure that our workplace is an environment where talent can always be nurtured and potential can always be realised.

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Delivering industry-leading agricultural processes.

BestInClass is about prioritising animal welfare and maximising the natural nutrition and flavour of our produce. We aim to meet high standards, then exceed them. It’s a process of continual renewal that ensures the quality of our livestock.

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Building a reputation for sustainability leadership.

DoingMoreWithLess is about our sustainability targets. It’s how we’re safeguarding our future; making sure that whatever we take from our natural environment, we give back with interest.

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Planning ahead to develop and grow our customer base.

OneVision is about executing a clear, segmented commercial plan for the future; one that starts with our customers and ends with us delivering products designed to meet their requirements.

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From boardroom to boning hall, with all our people and all our customers, we work with clear values in place.