High standards throughout our supply chain.

Animal Welfare Policy

This Animal Welfare Policy relates to all the ABP UK sites and its employees during the processing of both cattle & sheep.

ABP UK and its employees endeavour to maintain high standards of animal welfare throughout its entire operation.

Livestock will be treated and handled in a way to avoid unnecessary pain, distress or suffering at all times, in accordance with current legislation and Guide to Good Practice.

Our aim is to handle all stock as quietly and calmly as possible, demonstrating knowledge and understanding of basic behavioural patterns, to minimise stress experienced by the animals.

Respect will always be shown to animals. The goads will only be used in exceptional circumstances and in line with the ‘ABP Goad Use Policy.’

The Animal Welfare Manual as set out by ABP UK can be found on every site and will be reviewed and updated at least annually. All staff involved in the handling of animals throughout the slaughter process will be familiar with the policy and any amendment will be made available immediately.

ABP UK will ensure that all animals in our care are handled and given the right facilities to provide;

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour
  • Freedom from fear and distress

All equipment for stunning/killing will be regularly inspected, maintained and cleaned to ensure effective and safe operation according to manufacturer’s instructions. All facilities for housing and handling animals will be regularly inspected, maintained and cleaned to ensure good animal welfare levels are achieved and maintained.

Animals will be unloaded as quickly as possible after arrival and subsequently slaughtered without undue delay. Animal welfare status will be assessed upon arrival in order to identify unfit/injured animals and priority will be given for processing. Where an animal is unable to walk it will be slaughtered where it is lying.

Every animal will be slaughtered humanely, they will be effectively stunned prior to slaughter to render them instantly unconscious and insensible to pain until death supervenes.

Each ABP UK site will have a designated Animal Welfare Officer holding the required Certificates of Competence to ensure compliance with the regulation, safeguarding the welfare of animals in our care. Any incident compromising animal welfare will be investigated and corrective action taken. The Animal Welfare Officer will be contactable during and outside of operational hours.

All ABP UK staff involved in handling and care of animals before restraint, restraint of animals for the purpose of stunning, stunning of animals, assessment of effective stunning, shackling and hoisting of live animals and bleeding of live animals will have received the appropriate training and hold the relevant Certificate of Competence.

ABP UK employees will be trained to the Standard Operating Procedures for each site and relevant stages of the production cycle.

Bob Carnell
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Temple Grandin, a world-famous specialist in animal welfare, has personally approved our beef processing plants.