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Closing the loop means keeping the quality.

Quality Assurance

At ABP UK our food processes are certified for compliance with the comprehensive guidelines set by Red Tractor Assurance, the UK’s leading farm and food quality assurance scheme.

The organisation independently assesses food safety, animal welfare, hygiene and environmental protection through every part of the supply chain. The presence of the Red Tractor logo on all ABP UK products confirms that the following standards have been met:

The Red Tractor logo tells you exactly which farm the food is from and where the meat has been processed and packed.

Environmental Protection
Farmers must minimise pollution and their impact on local wildlife. This means that pesticides and fertilizers must be applied safely and correctly.

Animal Welfare
Livestock must have adequate space, balanced meals and access to clean drinking water. All farmers must also keep a written health plan.

Food Safety & Hygiene
Red Tractor Assurance confirms that the animal feed used is safe to eat, removing any risk of contamination.

We’re dedicated to ensuring the full traceability of all our products.