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Apprenticeships at the ABP UK Talent Academy.

Apprenticeships at ABP

There are lots of great apprenticeship opportunities at all of ABP’s UK locations for ambitious candidates to join straight from school or as a shift to a new and exciting career.

Apprenticeships provide fantastic ‘earn and learn’ careers that develop valuable skills and access to an exciting and fast paced industry.

We have apprenticeship opportunities throughout production which ranges from engineering and manufacturing to more desk based jobs like IT and finance.

Apprenticeships are helping more people achieve higher qualifications, gain valuable experience and earn a competitive salary in a secure industry.

At the same time, apprentices at ABP join an inspirational learning community through training providers where they work towards achieving a specific nationally-recognised qualification.


Remember… apprenticeships:

  • have flexible entry levels, with entry allowed at post-GCSE and A level
  • last from one to four years, depending on the skills and levels required
  • Are available for anyone over-16 and not in full-time education
  • Are open to existing ABP colleagues making a change in their roles or careers
  • Exist in a huge range of professional areas


Choose the right apprenticeship

From butchery and technical to IT and HR, ABP has many types of apprenticeships available.

Discover the right one for you here