DoingMoreWithLess | ABP UK

Building a reputation for sustainability leadership.


DoingMoreWithLess is about setting clear sustainability targets. It’s how we’re safeguarding our future; making sure that whatever we take from our natural environment, we give back with interest.

Through our sustainability strategy, we aim to bring our initiatives into our everyday food manufacturing activity so we can hit our key targets for 2020 – to reduce our electricity usage, water consumption and carbon emissions, as well as completely eliminating waste to landfill.

Whether it’s investing in combined heat and power technology, creating biodiversity corridors or working with our farmers to streamline the supply chain, we’re committed to achieving our goals for 2020 and beyond, investing in sustainability today to drive us into a greener tomorrow.

We have already ensured zero waste to landfill across all our sites; one of our key sustainability targets for 2020.