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Setting standards in sustainability.

Our Pledge

We are fully committed to the ABP Food Group sustainability policy, and are working towards clear targets for reducing carbon emissions, water consumption, energy usage and waste by 2020.

As part of the Group-wide sustainability plan, we’ve set clear KPIs for each of our sites and pledged to achieve the following by 2020:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint by 30%
  • Zero waste going to landfill across the ABP Group
  • Reduce our water consumption by 50%
  • Reduce our energy consumption by 30%
  • Reduce our electricity usage by 40%

But it’s not all about facts and figures; we appreciate that many sustainability issues in food manufacturing are about more than just efficiencies. It’s why we also have targets for issues that can’t be measured in numbers, but are no less important to our sustainability credentials.

We have already ensured zero waste to landfill across all our sites; one of our key sustainability targets for 2020.