ABP Livestock Payment Grids

You can find up-to-date livestock deductions for new season lamb, hogget, ewes and cattle in the tables below.


In line with ABP’s continued efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of our beef operations from 15.01.24 the ABP deduction for Steers and Heifers between 30-36 months of age will be increasing from our current deduction of -5p to a new deduction of -10p.



Please be aware of changes to the current sheep deductions for the following types of stock delivered into all ABP sheep processing sites, from the 1st January 2024:
– Shorn or shedding lambs that do not have a full fleece will be subject to a deduction of £1.35/head
– All ewes and mature sheep regardless of fleece length will also incur the £1.35/head deduction





EWE 2022

All information is correct as of 22.12.23