Lamb | ABP UK

The very best of British-farmed lamb.


Our lamb is traditionally reared and processed at ABP Yetminster in Dorset and ABP Lurgan in Northern Ireland. All products are 100% grass fed and matured for at least seven days to deliver optimum tenderness and flavour.

Our lamb business processes over 1 million lambs each year from two sites: ABP Yetminster and ABP Lurgan. Over the last 20 years we’ve combined traditional farming techniques with expert butchery to deliver an unrivalled selection of premium lamb products, a selection sold under the Dorset Crown brand.

The climate in South West England and Northern Ireland provide an extended grass-growing season, while our commitment to thorough livestock selection and animal welfare means that the Dorset Crown brand continues to represent the very best of British lamb – natural, free range and always pasture-fed.

We’re dedicated to ensuring the full traceability of our products.