FirstUp | ABP UK

Growing our business by investing in people.


FirstUp is our people strategy, the driving force behind our success. It ensures that our workplace is an environment where talent can always be nurtured and potential can always be realised.

It’s how we’re shaping our own future – investing in food careers today to nurture the leaders of tomorrow. But our people strategy isn’t just about ABP jobs – it’s about how we make our workplace a better place, how we engage with our communities and how we define the character of our business.  

Ultimately, it’s about making sure that as we continue to excel and grow as a company, nobody gets left behind. Whether that’s our employees, our customers, our suppliers or even those living close to our meat processing plants – our strategy will always be to put people first. 

We offer a wide range of opportunities for apprentices and graduates entering
the food and
drink industry.